As a Science and Math Private Tutor in the south Twin Cities, MN metro, I provide year round learning guidance to students in advanced high school and college level subjects & exams. I have a PhD in chemistry, over 8 years tutoring experience, and am certified by the National Tutoring Association.

Whether you are an older returning college student struggling with placement exam algebra, an upperclassman wading through biochemistry, or an honors high school student tackling AP calculus, Full Potential Tutoring can help! Together we will create a personalized lesson structure based on your learning style and needs that allows you to reach your fullest learning potential.

Don't wait until its too late!  Contact Full Potential Tutoring to set up your first tutoring session today!

With Full Potential Tutoring you can...

•    Receive one-on-one help with homework and practice exams
•    Ask the questions you’ve been afraid to admit that you don’t understand
•    Target your desired score on the ACT, GRE, MTLE, GMAT or other standardized exam
•    Get math or science help for your GED
•    Catch up on courses you've struggled with through summer review
•    Improve your study skills and time management habits
•    Work on reading comprehension of difficult concepts
•    Discover your personal learning style and get tips for making the most of it
•    Learn techniques for dealing with test anxiety and school stress
•    Build self-confidence in your growing abilities and knowledge
•    Be proud that you are working up to your full potential as a student!